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{{And only slightly, vaguely, meta.

I rather need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month ... but I'd rather post some silliness. ^_^

I'm quite fond of DollDivine—such pretty graphics!—and have played around with a few of their dollmakers to create Alices of different sorts. The Princess Maker one in particular gave me three Alice outfits (which is a rarity). I hadn't thought about putting them here ... but then Maggie posted Delilah's. (Image heavy, as there are four. I may try to resize them later.)

(Because it is, after all, the Disney Princess Maker—even though it doesn't say it.) Alice attends a Wonderland ball ... and is wearing a tiara for some reason (perhaps her enchanted wardrobe selected it? There must be enchanted wardrobes in Wonderland, yes?). Also, I love the hair choices (unfortunately, however, there were no ribbons to be had)!

Alice's Coming-out/Presentation at Court gown. Except the train would be in the back instead of the front—and moar bustle, of course. I quite like how this turned out, however (again, hurrah for ringlets!). As for her headdress, Alice will be asking Mr Hatter to make something (to be played out on [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast!). ^_^

(Modelled after one of my very favourite [ profile] bri_chan pictures of her WCMI!Alice: Miss Liddell)

Everyday Alice! (When she's not wearing blue one can often find her in plum.) Again, sad lack of both bustle & ribbons.

After uploading these, I had a thought. It went something like this, "Why, that's a very Mirana-ish pose, what with the floaty arms & such!" So I made her too.

(Because I adore the White Queen's dress in Burton's AiW. The whole movie is rather epically pretty. ^_^)

(In other news, my local bookstore is having a Mad Poetry & Tea Party on Sunday—a portmanteau of sorts with National Poetry Month & their second annual Mad Tea Party. I shall be reprising my stealth older!Alice cosplay. ^_^ ) }}
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