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{And it's actually on time for once, hurrah! Also, gratuitously using my newest icon—I've had it on my computer for a while, but needed proper keywords so it hadn't been uploaded yet. ^_^ }

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Sunday RP} ~ Questions (30 January; In which ravens & writing-desks are discussed)
{Saturday} ~ Epigraphy (31 January; prompt from 31 July)
{Friday} ~ Christmas gift list (1 February; prompt from 26 November)

        Winter Bingo Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Card):

O4 ~ Humbug (31 January; Yes, most of these are two-prompts-with-one-piece)
O2 ~ Mummers (31 January)
O5 ~ Generosity (1 February; I also have a prose piece in the works for this prompt—but I needed to post something more quickly, so I used the list first)

Hurrah, I accomplished Winter Bingo! ^_^

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

It's not so bad, really, if you just take it all with a pinch of salt. (27 January, reply to [ profile] hisrunnings) {Hurrah, another Doctor!}

(Also, I can hardly believe it's been since November that I last had a [ profile] dear_mun thread.)

        Museboxes {[ profile] thehouseofmouse}:

You have got to be kidding! (4 February) In which Alice assists Sheriff Pride in a precarious position.

A china teapot has mysteriously appeared on one of the tables (26 January) In which the Dormouse appears & has storytime with the Hatter (Also, I gain another muse). (Event in progress)

Yes, I now have a Dormouse muse. In which I ramble on )

In other news, I shall have to do a bit of research in the near future: I've both a wedding (Lorina's) & a coming-out/presentation (Alice's) to plan (or at least touch on in prompts/RP) for June.
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{again. ::is sheepish::

I haven't been very active of late—this wasn't much helped by my hours at work starting at seven now (instead of nine as before). I've been a week at my new schedule, however, so hopefully I'll begin to get used to it (and there will be more threading/prompt response answering). ^_^ }

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Saturday} ~ Story of my life (Take II) (3 January; prompt from 19 March)
{Twosday} ~ New Year, new you (5 January)
{Thursday drabbleprompt} ~ Cheese (7 January ... and not a drabble at all)
{Wednesday graphics} ~ A solitary tree (24 January, prompt from 11 January)

(And several brief conversations-on-posts with [ profile] 8butterflyboy8!)

(Will be edited to add the rest after tellytiem!)

        Winter Bingo Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Card):

O3 ~ Baking (7 January; Yes, I'm counting these twice)
O1 ~ Solitude (24 January)

I've three more pieces to go to achieve my first bingo. I'd been thinking of writing something about the Liddell's tradition of reading A Christmas Carol in turns on the nights leading up to Christmas—and when I was linking my Solitude piece I realised I actually have "humbug" as one of my prompts! (And the "generosity" prompt will work quite well for the Alice's-gifts-for-her-friends prose piece [of possible epicness] I've been meaning to write since, oh, November.)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

January is apparently Hot Tea Month! (9 January, Alice's post!)

(Really must get back into posting/replying on [ profile] sixwordstories & [ profile] dear_mun)

        Miscellaneous (this fortnight post it means "enabling for [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast"):

At [ profile] musemostwanted: Won't you join the dance? (8 January)
At [ profile] character_rpg: we're all mad here (8 January)
At [ profile] role_play_ads: we're all mad here (9 January; Yes, it's identical to the one above it)

And still no more interest than when I first posted in October. Sadface. (I'm half tempted to pick up the Dormouse myself. However, I've never played more than one character at once—and I doubt I'd be able to play two characters off each other.)

I really don't like asking for plugs, but if any of you know someone who might be interested, would you mind linking them? Thank you. (I've been wanting to get this started for quite a while now, but unfortunately I'm not doing well in that regard on my own.)
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I really shouldn't, especially as I'm only halfway through with the 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge—but winter's my favourite season, & one only needs to do five of them , & they don't have to be drabbles, & there are only twenty-five prompts in all (per card) ...

Oh, bother it all.

Charloft Winter Bingo Challenge! )

{Guidelines, &c. here on the original [ profile] charloft post.}

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