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{{This is the "editable" version of Alice's CharLoft character sheet! I will be keeping track of XP, &c. she gains on her adventures in World's End in the comments section & then adding them to the sheet proper. Also can be found here on the CharLoft GuestBook. Original character sheet can be found here. ^_^}}

Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 19
Character Type: Teenage Mortal

Life Points: 26 (+6 from HtK = 32)
Drama Points: 21 20 (successfully set an angry Panda ablaze with a Flaming beribboned Hoop of Doooom)
Experience Points: 6 1

       Banked Experience:
*Occultism: 2 (2 more to level up)
*Getting Medieval: 1 (3 more to level up)

{Current Year: 1871}

        Attributes (15 points)
* Strength: 2
* Dexterity: 3
* Constitution: 2
* Intelligence: 3
* Perception: 3
* Willpower: 2

        Qualities (10 points)
* Attractiveness: 1
* Big Damn Hero: 3
Once per game session, can give someone else +10 on any one test (after the player has rolled).
Alice must explain how she is helping (& this uses her turn).

Once per game session, can restore half of another character's Life Points as if a Drama Point had been spent (this does not cost an action).
* Good Luck: 4
* Hard to Kill: 2
Each level of Hard to Kill adds three Life Points and provides a +1 bonus to Survival Tests.

        Drawbacks (up to 10 points)
* Honorable (mild): -1 point {Victorian mores, yes?}
* Mental Problems – Delusions (Wonderland is real), mild: -1 {This is actually true; however, her family/friends/&c. think Alice suffers from delusions}
* Mental Problems – Phobia (snakes), mild: -1
* Minority – Literary Character: -1

        Skills (15 + 4 from Drawbacks)
* Acrobatics: 1
* Art: 2
* Computers: 0
* Crime: 0
* Doctor: 2
* Driving: Horsemanship: 2
* Getting Medieval: 2 (levelled up during Jubilee Island)
* Gun Fu: 0
* Influence: 1
* Knowledge: 2
* Kung Fu:
* Languages: 1 (French)
* Mr. Fix-It: 0
* Notice: 3
* Occultism: 2 (levelled up during Jubilee Island)
* Science: 1
* Sports: 0
* Wild Card: Croquet: 2

* Protection-against-vamps charm bracelet
{Since finding out vampires exist (in some 'verses) on one of her first visits to the CharLoft, Alice has been wearing a silver charm bracelet with protective things attached (including a cross, some malachite, and a perfume-bottle filled with holy water). Just in case.}

            Jubilee Island

Apart from the supplies provided by the Loft, Alice's satchel contains the following:

* a new notebook, with pen (the notebook contains notes on the park from the party's initial walkthrough with Mr Thomas Burgess
* spare hair-ribbons, hairpins, & other accoutrements Alice would normally carry in her reticule.
* one bottled health potion used on Mr Kusch after a waxwoman attack in the Murderer's Row tent
* two silver rings from Mr Andrucci's magic show
* the soul of Mr Thomas Burgess, contained in a jar & wrapped in Mr Varner's shirt given back to Mr Kayashima
* two wooden rings one wooden ring from the Ring Toss (one set ablaze & successfully flung with a ribbon at an angry Panda)
concept sketches and drawings of the park rides and layout, from the Manager's Office

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