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2028-02-11 09:11 pm

'Who are you?'

How am I doing with Alice? All feedback, criticism (concrit or otherwise), &c. welcome! (Flames will be used to keep away any roaming Jabberwocky . . . )

(All comments will be screened! Anon commenting turned on, as well.)
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2028-02-11 09:01 pm
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The time has come to talk of many things:

Please leave your card

{{ IC/OOC contact post! Please specify which your message is & either Alice or I will respond accordingly. (If a PM is more convenient for you, this also works—just specify IC/OOCness!)

Other contact info ~ AIM: alwaysteatime42}}
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2014-05-04 11:41 pm
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De-lurking for Alice Day!

{{Happy Alice Day!

I had a lovely tea-party-for-one earlier—& may have Disneybounded as Alice as well. ^_^ As it's been my tradition the past few years (i.e. I fail at RP nowadays & really must try to do better), I've an Alice birthday post open for all at SWS. I hope any & all Star Wars Day / Alice Day / Audrey Hepburn Day celebrations were frabjous!}}

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

(Sometimes I miss proper birthday parties.)
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2013-04-28 07:57 pm
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Returning from hiatus!

{{::waves sheepishly:: Hallo there! It's been far too long since I've done anything RP-wise. I've recently begun playing Pathfinder (it's rather like D&D) & my Alice!muse has been clamouring to be let out again. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things (& hoping my Alice voice hasn't become rubbish) . . . also, I'm going to attempt to try to get [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast actually running. :/

It also seems as though I stopped posting my Prompts of the Fortnight posts several months before I accidentally went on a nearly two-year hiatus. Must remedy this. :/

I'm presently working on a prompt response for [ profile] charloft & will be posting it shortly! }}
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2012-05-04 03:03 pm
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Happy Alice Day!

{{Oh frabjous day! Calooh! Callay! It's been far too long that I've done anything with Alice—I shall most definitely try to remedy this. I'm pondering whether it would be worth it to once again try to get my musebox up & running. I think I have a friend who might be interested, but I'm not sure . . .  :/

I am once again having an Unbirthday tea party with my mum in celebration (mostly because I have a ballet recital tonight, but also because Unbirthday parties are far more Wonderlandy. ^_^ }}

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

'Tis my birthday (Mother is displeased).

{Above post open to all! ^_^ A wee bit of backstory, if you'd like: Mrs Liddell is displeased because it's Alice's twentieth birthday & the start of her second Season ... and she is still hasn't a suitor.}
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2011-10-17 01:17 am
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Personality Disorder Test!

{{Because, curiously enough, I don't think I've done this for Alice before. Or if I have, I certainly haven't posted the results.

Personality Disorder Test, or, We're all mad here )
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2011-10-06 06:33 pm

Happy Hatter Day! ^_^

It's 10/6, which means it's Hatter Day! Callooh, callay! ^_^

Why the sixth of October instead of the tenth of June? Ten shillings and sixpence … shillings are larger than pence; shillings are made of pence: months are larger than days; months are made of days!

Therefore, 10 shillings and sixpence = 10 months and six days. </ rambly pseudologic>

Let the Mad Tea Parties commence! ^_^

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

Happy Hatter Day! Tea party, anyone?

{Above post open to all! ^_^}
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2011-09-27 12:24 am

Alice's Character Sheet (CharLoft)

{{This is the "editable" version of Alice's CharLoft character sheet! I will be keeping track of XP, &c. she gains on her adventures in World's End in the comments section & then adding them to the sheet proper. Also can be found here on the CharLoft GuestBook. Original character sheet can be found here. ^_^}}

Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 19
Character Type: Teenage Mortal

Life Points: 26 (+6 from HtK = 32)
Drama Points: 21 20 (successfully set an angry Panda ablaze with a Flaming beribboned Hoop of Doooom)
Experience Points: 6 1

       Banked Experience:
*Occultism: 2 (2 more to level up)
*Getting Medieval: 1 (3 more to level up)

{Current Year: 1871}

Alice's Adventures in World's End! )
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2011-09-05 06:18 pm
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A Time Paradox

Prompt: Time paradox

Words: 880

{{A/N: Yes, this is a [ profile] charloft prompt response. I usually only post these on the community itself, but as this is the longest piece I've written for Alice so far I thought I'd put it here as well. I’m not really sure how canonical this is, but I’ll just blame it on the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey-ness of the prompt. ^_^ That being said, I’m still not certain how the Rabbit recognises older!Alice ... }}

After a full day of unbirthday parties (three this afternoon), bread-and-butterfly chases, and general mischief, Alice was beginning to grow tired. She had been visiting Wonderland—the strange realm she found four months ago. It was a fantastic place, especially for such a curious child. As she was in danger of nodding off into her soup (rather like the Dormouse), the White Rabbit decided it was time for Alice to go home.

He led her to the little door that was her usual gateway between the dissimilar worlds of Oxford and Wonderland (Alice had yet to find the door on her own) and sent her through with a little wave and an entreaty to come back soon. Generally, this door would take her to the large tree in the Deanery garden.

Today, however, Alice found herself on her dressing-table (“How curious!” she thought). Even more curious was that her own room was already occupied. At Alice’s sudden entrance (presumably through the looking-glass), the lady sitting on her bed looked up from her book with an “Oh!” of surprise.

In which two Alices are surprised, intrigued, and inevitably have tea )
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2011-08-22 09:08 pm

Alice's first proper adventure in World's End

After an impromptu trip to the World's End Public Library wherein she ran into Fritz and Imogene (& assisted in a bit of research), Alice has decided to join the ghost hunting adventure described here.

Last night, she went to the CharLoft to procure some of the puzzling "business casual clothing" required for the endeavor (i.e. the skirt—the blouse is from her own wardrobe). This is something similar to what she shall be wearing:

Who you gonna call? )

The 'venture starts tonight, so I'm going to sign onto the Charloft IRC chat as soon as I finish typing this & get myself settled in for some RP! ^_^
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2011-08-16 09:32 pm
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OOC Thoughts

{{I haven't been doing much with Alice of late (and not entirely because I started playing WoW last month). I've a few prompts from the last fortnight or so that I started/have ideas for, but haven't quite written. I'm entirely failing at this year's 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge, mainly because I haven't felt inspired. (And the museboxes Alice is in haven't been very active lately, either.)

As I’ve been doing almost less RP than prompting, I’m worried I might be losing Alice’s “voice.” Whilst I was editing my possibly-slightly-mad list of other Wonderlanders about d_m/sws that Alice has met/I’ve seen around, I read a few of her older threads … and it seems that, I don’t know, I’ve lost something since then.

And it's rather disheartening that after having [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast open for nearly a year— with posts on [ profile] musemostwanted, [ profile] character_rpg, and [ profile] role_play_ads (& even links to the same on [ profile] dear_mun, [ profile] sixwordstories, and [ profile] charloft)—my little museboxy game has had barely any interest (i.e. we have three characters & two of them are played by me). I’d like to advertise again (it’s been more than six months, so I probably could) … but I don’t want to do so if I’m not confident with my Alice any more. :\

I've not been on the Charloft livechats in forever (it’s been over a year, methinks), but I want to attempt the upcoming ghost hunting ’venture. Alice hasn’t gotten the chance to do a proper ‘venture in World’s End yet (she was in the Fight Loft once when it was something else entirely—I think for the Beach Party RP on [ profile] charloft_rpg?) … and I’ve missed my Loftians! :(

I suppose the point of this rather tl;dr post is that I’m waffling about Alice quite a bit (if I haven't misused “waffling” in that last phrase). And I’m a month late to the party, but here's my link anyway:
The How's My Driving? Meme

Thoughts/suggestions/tea sweets? (I've got the teapot.) }}
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2011-07-11 06:03 pm
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2011-06-25 01:18 pm


{{Just a quick note to let all of you know I'm in Boston visiting friends from grad school (hurrah!) until Tuesday, so I'll be even more scarce than I have been lately.

I really must start drabbling when I return. I've been rather fail indeed as I've only written one (& it hasn't even been edited yet) and haven't even posted the prompt table yet ...}}
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2011-06-12 01:03 am

Presenting Miss Alice Pleasance Liddell of Oxford ...

{{Ugh, I have got to post my table for [ profile] charloft's 100 Drabbles of Summer (and write more than one drabble) ... I'm so behind this year already. :(

Today in the land of Lost Plots, Alice was presented at Court. As such, she is now officially Out in Society. I may drabble on the subject, but for right now I just have the following sws post. (Oh, and for reference, Alice's Presentation dress looks something like Picture 2 here crossed with this).}}

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

Presentation at Court: 'twas mostly successful.

{Above post open to all! ^_^ But now it is bedtiem.}
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2011-06-09 03:55 pm
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{{OOC: For [ profile] 8butterflyboy8, of course. ^_^}}

Happy birthday, Mr Van Dort! I do hope you have a lovely day—and a wonderful upcoming year as well.
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2011-05-30 04:59 pm

Meta goodness

First of all, I've been entirely failing at posting the Prompts of the Fortnight for the past, oh, several months. I shall attempt to post a giant one this weekend (or possibly next, as I have a dance recital this week).

I shall once again be attempting [ profile] charloft's 100 Drabbles of Summer challenge. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the challenge instead of only making it halfway—in December—like last year.

First of all, a bit of silliness. Last night, I was on Sophia Myles's IMDb page, looking up the run time for The Abduction Club (from where most of Alice's icons came) and noticed a Related List on the sidebar entitled "Celeb Look-a-likes."

I scrolled down, reading the list, and cheered when I came to the nineties. Why?

Two Liddell ladies )

That is all. (For now, at least.) ^_^
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2011-05-04 08:00 pm
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A frabjous day, indeed

{{Happy Alice Day! I shall be celebrating with an Unbirthday tea party with my mum on Saturday. We would have had it tonight, but she has a class ... although, I think an unbirthday celebration actually works better in this case. ^_^}}

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

Today is not my Unbirthday. {beams}

{Above post open to all! ^_^}
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2011-04-24 07:31 am
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Meme/RPG thread at charloft_rpg!

{{Because I don't think I've ever done one of these. And it's [ profile] charloft_rpg! <3 }}

Come see which egg I ate at the EASTER EGG MEME! Find my thread here, or get your own egg.

Also, I really need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month-or-So very soon.

Happy Easter! ^_^

{{Hmm. It seems the colour formatting isn't working on this. I'll try to fix it later.}}
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2011-04-14 08:58 pm
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Just a bit of silliness

{{And only slightly, vaguely, meta.

I rather need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month ... but I'd rather post some silliness. ^_^

I'm quite fond of DollDivine—such pretty graphics!—and have played around with a few of their dollmakers to create Alices of different sorts. The Princess Maker one in particular gave me three Alice outfits (which is a rarity). I hadn't thought about putting them here ... but then Maggie posted Delilah's. (Image heavy, as there are four. I may try to resize them later.)

A curiosity of Alices )
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2011-03-10 12:39 am

Double-fortnight Post!

{Meh. I really don't much feel like going through & gathering things for a Fortnight Post, but I've rather been putting this off since Saturday. (Also, half of this is technically a fortnight late as my last prompt post was at the beginning of last month ...) I might just do the [ profile] charlofty bits first & finish tomorrow .... }

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Wednesday graphics} ~ St Valentine's Day box (9 February)
{Saturday} ~ Love Songs (14 February; technically, it's all fanvids ^_^)
{Twosday} ~ Mountains vs Molehills (25 February; prompt from 8 February)
{Saturday} ~ Ballads (26 February)
{Wednesday graphics} ~ Impossible (6 March)

        At [ profile] dear_mun:


        Museboxes {[ profile] thehouseofmouse}:

Valentine's Day! (14 February) In which Alice & the Hatter discuss chocolate- and tea-pots, then share a dance in the kitchen (in Part B of the thread, Alice discusses personal remarks/compliments with the Cheshire Cat). {<3}

Also, the Dormouse now has her own journal! I eventually decided on [ profile] atreaclewell (Treacly Dreams ended up as the title). ^_^