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Miss Liddell

Full Name: Alice Pleasance Liddell
Birth date: 4, May 1852
Age: 20
Canon: Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (she's set eleven years after the books) with a wee bit of the webcomic/fic When Curiosity Met Insanity tossed in along with some of my own interpretation.

Alice is a proper Victorian young lady who is overly fond of daydreaming, enjoys exploring, and is quite good at croquet. She is courteous, trusting, curious, and a bit stubborn.

At first, she had no difficulties believing Wonderland was an actual place. Years of her family telling her that these adventures were just pleasant afternoon daydreams (& that young ladies do not believe such nonsense to be true), however, have now caused Alice to doubt her memories. Additionally, she has been seeing an alienist for the past several years to help "overcome her delusions." (Alice *is* a bit mad ... otherwise she’d never found her way to Wonderland. It's real, by the way.)

Skills: Can play the pianoforte & sing tolerably well, enjoys drawing in her sketchbook and painting, embroidery, a fair writer; quite good at croquet. Could imagine for England.
Less-than-skills: Alice is on the petite side, which gives her a disadvantage for things requiring a bit more strength.
IQ: Quite intelligent and fond of reading.
Extrovert/Introvert: Moderate introvert (Alice could be seen as an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert)
Phobias/Fears: Snakes. Jabberwocky, but they don’t actually exist ... do they?
Goals/Dreams: Presently? Alice dearly wishes her family would believe her. She is both excited and uneasy about becoming an adult. (Additionally, she longs to visit Wonderland again, but fears she cannot ... or that she really did imagine it.)
Quirks/Habits: Can be quite logical at times ... yet will spend an afternoon daydreaming at others. Similarly, she is rather observant and can be very focussed on a task at hand, but also has the tendency to keep her head in the clouds (often needing to be called twice for dinner). While she is fairly open-minded for the most part, Alice can be rather stubborn once she’s made her mind about something. She hasn’t quite lost her (some would say childish) curiosity or sense of wonder.
Always on Person: Alice generally has a sketchbook and/or journal in near reach, especially if at home; she usually carries at least one extra hair-ribbon as well. Her parents gave her a silver locket with a family portrait inside on her sixteenth birthday; she usually can be seen wearing said necklace unless she has chosen other jewellery (perhaps for a dinner-party or ball).
Alice wears a silver charm-bracelet strewn with protective things (assembled after one of her first visits to the CharLoft, in which she found out that vampires exist). This bracelet is nearly always on her person now and will be found in her reticule or a pocket when she visits the Loft.
Mental Health: Her family (especially Lorina) worry about Alice’s sanity (or possible lack thereof); Alice would say she’s quite sane, thank you very much. Nevertheless, she has been seeing an alienist for the past several years to help "overcome her delusions" (Alice *is* a bit mad ... otherwise she would never have found her way to Wonderland).
First Impression: This all would depend on where one might meet Alice: as she is often bored at long parties (especially if she cannot find a suitable topic for conversation) Alice will often resort to observation for her own amusement, lending her an air of detachment or aloofness. She can also be quite daydreamy, often reading or sketching in the library or garden at the Liddell home, &c. Her thought process may occasionally seem a bit illogical.
Alice is nearly always polite, proper, and ladylike—though she is often rebuked by her mother for speaking out of turn. (She may appear a bit snobbish at times.)
Manner of Speech: Alice is a well-bred, upper-class (Victorian) English lady and speaks as such. She will most likely be shocked and/or made uncomfortable by the following: swearing, crude language (or behaviour), modern technology (less "shocked" and more "ooh, what might *that* be?") &c.
Likes: Tea, chess, riddles, tea parties, daydreaming, sketching & painting, writing, reading (especially in the garden), exploring, hats & French lace, skirts & dresses with pockets, gothic novels & fairytales, playing with her kittens, dancing, flower gardens, finding hidden shapes in puffy clouds.
Dislikes: Not being taken seriously, over-long parties with tedious conversation and/or dinner partners, being compared to Lorina, rudeness, feeling that no-one believes her, being made fun of (especially by “friends”), being proved wrong, the sound of struck trees during a thunderstorm, nightmares, being lonely.

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{{Disclaimer, or Alice's Adventures in RPG-land: I do not own Alice or anything in her universe, this is just my interpretation of her. Alice is portrayed by the lovely Sophia Myles; unless otherwise specified, bases come from Absolutely Sophia Myles. And in regards to Time, mun ([personal profile] lilyofshalott) lives on the US East Coast so such things shall be EST/GMT-5.}}

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