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{{I haven't been doing much with Alice of late (and not entirely because I started playing WoW last month). I've a few prompts from the last fortnight or so that I started/have ideas for, but haven't quite written. I'm entirely failing at this year's 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge, mainly because I haven't felt inspired. (And the museboxes Alice is in haven't been very active lately, either.)

As I’ve been doing almost less RP than prompting, I’m worried I might be losing Alice’s “voice.” Whilst I was editing my possibly-slightly-mad list of other Wonderlanders about d_m/sws that Alice has met/I’ve seen around, I read a few of her older threads … and it seems that, I don’t know, I’ve lost something since then.

And it's rather disheartening that after having [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast open for nearly a year— with posts on [ profile] musemostwanted, [ profile] character_rpg, and [ profile] role_play_ads (& even links to the same on [ profile] dear_mun, [ profile] sixwordstories, and [ profile] charloft)—my little museboxy game has had barely any interest (i.e. we have three characters & two of them are played by me). I’d like to advertise again (it’s been more than six months, so I probably could) … but I don’t want to do so if I’m not confident with my Alice any more. :\

I've not been on the Charloft livechats in forever (it’s been over a year, methinks), but I want to attempt the upcoming ghost hunting ’venture. Alice hasn’t gotten the chance to do a proper ‘venture in World’s End yet (she was in the Fight Loft once when it was something else entirely—I think for the Beach Party RP on [ profile] charloft_rpg?) … and I’ve missed my Loftians! :(

I suppose the point of this rather tl;dr post is that I’m waffling about Alice quite a bit (if I haven't misused “waffling” in that last phrase). And I’m a month late to the party, but here's my link anyway:
The How's My Driving? Meme

Thoughts/suggestions/tea sweets? (I've got the teapot.) }}
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{{Because I don't think I've ever done one of these. And it's [ profile] charloft_rpg! <3 }}

Come see which egg I ate at the EASTER EGG MEME! Find my thread here, or get your own egg.

Also, I really need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month-or-So very soon.

Happy Easter! ^_^

{{Hmm. It seems the colour formatting isn't working on this. I'll try to fix it later.}}
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Snagged from L via [ profile] vavarner:

I write like
Lewis Carroll

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


I pasted in my first ten drabbles for the 100 Drabble Challenge—and then changed all the references to Wonderland residents to more "mundane" nouns (the Mock Turtle became a regular turtle once more, the Tweedles were changed to "the boys"); Wonderland itself became "there" or "that place"; Alice lost her name again ("her," "Miss") to make sure the result wasn't skewed (Carroll was the result the first time but I thought that might be because "Wonderland" appeared four times in the passage along with the aforementioned characters; Alice is "namedropped" nearly thirty times!).

Eeee! I might need to flail a bit more! ^_^

(And right now Alice!muse [meta version, of course] is shaking her head at me "For getting so excited about a silly Internet meme.")
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The How's My Driving? Meme


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