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How am I doing with Alice? All feedback, criticism (concrit or otherwise), &c. welcome! (Flames will be used to keep away any roaming Jabberwocky . . . )

(All comments will be screened! Anon commenting turned on, as well.)
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Please leave your card

{{ IC/OOC contact post! Please specify which your message is & either Alice or I will respond accordingly. (If a PM is more convenient for you, this also works—just specify IC/OOCness!)

Other contact info ~ AIM: alwaysteatime42}}
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{{Because, curiously enough, I don't think I've done this for Alice before. Or if I have, I certainly haven't posted the results.

Personality Disorder Test, or, We're all mad here )
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{{This is the "editable" version of Alice's CharLoft character sheet! I will be keeping track of XP, &c. she gains on her adventures in World's End in the comments section & then adding them to the sheet proper. Also can be found here on the CharLoft GuestBook. Original character sheet can be found here. ^_^}}

Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 19
Character Type: Teenage Mortal

Life Points: 26 (+6 from HtK = 32)
Drama Points: 21 20 (successfully set an angry Panda ablaze with a Flaming beribboned Hoop of Doooom)
Experience Points: 6 1

       Banked Experience:
*Occultism: 2 (2 more to level up)
*Getting Medieval: 1 (3 more to level up)

{Current Year: 1871}

Alice's Adventures in World's End! )
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{{I haven't been doing much with Alice of late (and not entirely because I started playing WoW last month). I've a few prompts from the last fortnight or so that I started/have ideas for, but haven't quite written. I'm entirely failing at this year's 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge, mainly because I haven't felt inspired. (And the museboxes Alice is in haven't been very active lately, either.)

As I’ve been doing almost less RP than prompting, I’m worried I might be losing Alice’s “voice.” Whilst I was editing my possibly-slightly-mad list of other Wonderlanders about d_m/sws that Alice has met/I’ve seen around, I read a few of her older threads … and it seems that, I don’t know, I’ve lost something since then.

And it's rather disheartening that after having [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast open for nearly a year— with posts on [ profile] musemostwanted, [ profile] character_rpg, and [ profile] role_play_ads (& even links to the same on [ profile] dear_mun, [ profile] sixwordstories, and [ profile] charloft)—my little museboxy game has had barely any interest (i.e. we have three characters & two of them are played by me). I’d like to advertise again (it’s been more than six months, so I probably could) … but I don’t want to do so if I’m not confident with my Alice any more. :\

I've not been on the Charloft livechats in forever (it’s been over a year, methinks), but I want to attempt the upcoming ghost hunting ’venture. Alice hasn’t gotten the chance to do a proper ‘venture in World’s End yet (she was in the Fight Loft once when it was something else entirely—I think for the Beach Party RP on [ profile] charloft_rpg?) … and I’ve missed my Loftians! :(

I suppose the point of this rather tl;dr post is that I’m waffling about Alice quite a bit (if I haven't misused “waffling” in that last phrase). And I’m a month late to the party, but here's my link anyway:
The How's My Driving? Meme

Thoughts/suggestions/tea sweets? (I've got the teapot.) }}


Jun. 25th, 2011 01:18 pm
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{{Just a quick note to let all of you know I'm in Boston visiting friends from grad school (hurrah!) until Tuesday, so I'll be even more scarce than I have been lately.

I really must start drabbling when I return. I've been rather fail indeed as I've only written one (& it hasn't even been edited yet) and haven't even posted the prompt table yet ...}}
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{{And only slightly, vaguely, meta.

I rather need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month ... but I'd rather post some silliness. ^_^

I'm quite fond of DollDivine—such pretty graphics!—and have played around with a few of their dollmakers to create Alices of different sorts. The Princess Maker one in particular gave me three Alice outfits (which is a rarity). I hadn't thought about putting them here ... but then Maggie posted Delilah's. (Image heavy, as there are four. I may try to resize them later.)

A curiosity of Alices )
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Some of you may have already received one of these in the Valentine's box prompt on [ profile] charloft, but Alice & I would like to wish all of you a very happy Valentine's Day. (And yes, I did mean to post this earlier; I didn't quite get the chance to today—I probably ought to have posted it last night when I did so on my personal journal.)

Hopefully-more-than-vaguely-Victorian valentine! )

Hope all of you had/are having a lovely day! ^_^


Jan. 3rd, 2011 10:34 pm
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{Testing the widget for my Alice playlist widget (for the "Story of My Life" Saturday [ profile] charloft prompt (which I originally answered here). Because I somehow failed at this yesterday & ended up deleting most of the playlist when I created the widget. I'm not quite sure how it happened either. I blame being new at using GrooveShark (i.e. I signed up for an account yesterday).

How many miles to Wonderland? )

ETA: The proper "Story of my life (Take II)" post is now up! (I'm linking it instead of waiting for the Fortnight Post as it's quite meta & probably ought to be here on it's own as well.) ^_^
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{{It's OOC Tiem again!

I've decided that since it's November & I never have done NaNoWriMo (and do not see myself doing so in the future), I will attempt to finish my 100 Drabbles of Summer for [ profile] charloft. My reasoning is thus: if other writers can produce 50,000-word novels (yes, I had to look up the wordcount on, then I ought to be able to write slightly more than 5,000 words (I have 45 drabbles posted & four which need a bit of editing before they'll be the proper 100-word length).

Once I have 50 drabbles written (and posted here & as comments to my "regular" Charloft prompt responses), I'm toying with the idea of posting them in batches of ten (similar to how I post them here) on—it has some excellent Alice fic & I would quite like to get more feedback, &c.

In musebox news, [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast is open for business .... sort of. I only had one interested party answer my [ profile] musemostwanted advert (a WCMI Hatter, hurrah!), so the comm is still in "looking-for-castmates" status (I posted another enabling link post on [ profile] sixwordstories yesterday. No replies yet, however). ::crosses fingers::

And I really ought to get back into writing things for Charloft responses. I've had a post for the Favourite Words Friday List written up for ages (I was working on it for a few days, put it aside, & then finished it ... a week or so ago)—and as mentioned before, I have a few drabbles that will be posted as replies to said Friday List post (once each is actually 100 words). I think this shall be my thing to work on this week (& more knitting, yes). }}


Oct. 6th, 2010 02:27 am
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{The musebox is nearly officially open! I've got posts up for Possibly Asked Questions, a Cast of Characters, and the mun Contact List. Tomorrow, I shall unlock the first two posts and add my bare-bones Realm of Wonderland & its Environs thoughts (must decide on whether Truffula Forest or Meadow sounds better. Also, find a more suitable name for the Caterpillar's Forest) info (I quite hope we'll have a map at some point).

And then I shall have to post on [ profile] musemostwanted. On Thursday, I'll put a linky sort of post on [ profile] sixwordstories. I'd put the sws post up tomorrow (weeell, technically it'll be later today, but as I've not gone to sleep yet it's still "tomorrow." From a certain point of view, or something.), but I really must do a vaguely OOC/metaish "Happy Hatter Day!" post instead. Because it's 10/6, see? ^_^

If you'd like to look at the musebox & give me any feedback, it's over at [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast (though the PAQ, Character List, &c. are on the OOC comm, [ profile] ooc_teaparty). It would be greatly appreciated, especially as I'm entirely new at this game-creating/modding thing. ::worries::

Hopefully, I should be more active on Charloft later this week—I've got a post in the works (i.e. it's a Word doc) containing responses for two of the recent (for certain values of "recent") Munday prompts.

But now it's bedtiem.}}

OOC Tiem!

Sep. 30th, 2010 08:00 pm
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{{I really *must* get the musebox up. Especially as I've technically had the OOC comm for over a month now (it's empty & such, but I *do* have the layout set up! No profile yet, though.)

I've narrowed the name down to four two choices:

* beforebreakfast
* 6thngsbreakfast
* 6imposbreakfast
* 6beforebrkfst (thanks Dien!)

Any thoughts?

Now, to watch Bones ...

ETA: As of now (i.e. half-midnight on technically Saturday) the musebox is up! And by this I mean that the comm has been "created"—it doesn't have a profile or layout yet (though I've a Word Doc for the former & have something bookmarked for the latter) ... but it now exists! I ended up going with 6thngsbreakfast (the "i" is in impossible or something) as beforebreakfast is already in use as a syndicated account (I gathered it's along the lines of "learn Japanese before breakfast!").

More info, linkage, &c. will be forthcoming as I work on the two comms (this one & the OOC comm). I hope to have everything ready & a post on [ profile] musemostwanted by Monday. ::is probably overly ambitious:: (Gah! What am I getting myself into? I've never even co-modded a RPG comm before!) }}

Oops ...

Sep. 4th, 2010 02:48 am
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I've been working on-and-off on setting up a Wonderlandy musebox/dressing-room game (I was happy to see [ profile] mythos_muses go up as it seems I'm not the only one who thought a loosely-moderated game would be funtiems). I have a Word doc of planning thoughts in the way of synopsis, joining/guidelines, possible questions, & other things.

I'd like to get the comm posted &c so I can work on layout stuffs (because right now all I have is promising graphics in a Word doc. Not so helpful). Problem: I can't decide on a name. I want it to have something to with the White Queen's "six impossible things before breakfast" line. Unfortunately, most of my ideas are 16 characters & LJ, unlike AIM, only allows 15. (I quite wanted 6beforebreakfast. beforebreakfast doesn't quite appeal as much. 6breakfast reminds me of those word-game things that I can never remember the name of—I like it, but I wish I could work "impossible" in there somehow ...)

So why am I blathering on at half-two in the morning? I decided to check if one of my ideas for the OOC comm name was currently available (unfortunately, my first choice was 16 letters: fabulousmonsters would have been a fantastic name). Apparently one cannot hit the "enter" key to see if a prospective LJ name clears (I think this might be how AIM works; I'm pretty sure Gmail did this when I set up my new account)—I ended up actually creating the comm instead! Luckily, this was my first under-15-characters choice so no harm was done.

I'll stop rambling now. ^_^
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As promised earlier, here is a vagueish timeline of Alice's drabbles for the 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge at [ profile] charloft. (I'm considering everything canon for future purposes.)

The full drabble table, which includes links to each ten drabbles in the comments, can be found here (the drabbles are not going to be linked on this post). The timeline is very much "in-progress" & will be edited as more drabbles are posted (most likely after every ten). Also, keep in mind that this is a *vagueish* timeline. Things may move about a bit.

at least I know who I *was* when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then. )
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Snagged from L via [ profile] vavarner:

I write like
Lewis Carroll

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


I pasted in my first ten drabbles for the 100 Drabble Challenge—and then changed all the references to Wonderland residents to more "mundane" nouns (the Mock Turtle became a regular turtle once more, the Tweedles were changed to "the boys"); Wonderland itself became "there" or "that place"; Alice lost her name again ("her," "Miss") to make sure the result wasn't skewed (Carroll was the result the first time but I thought that might be because "Wonderland" appeared four times in the passage along with the aforementioned characters; Alice is "namedropped" nearly thirty times!).

Eeee! I might need to flail a bit more! ^_^

(And right now Alice!muse [meta version, of course] is shaking her head at me "For getting so excited about a silly Internet meme.")
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The How's My Driving? Meme


I return!

May. 28th, 2010 12:00 am
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{{OOC Post Tiem!

I'm back at home &c. (& of course, still unpacking)!

[ profile] charloft is having a 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge running from Memorial Day (31st May) to Labour Day (6th September). After a bit of prodding from Alice!muse (and the fact that it's low-key enough that there will be no DOOOOM if one fails to write 100 drabbles) ... I decided to sign up! I've never done a drabble challenge (or any sort of writing challenge, for that matter) before—but it sounds like it could be quite fun (& an excellent writing exercise as well)! ^_^

I'll be posting said drabbles on [ profile] charloft, of course, but haven’t quite decided how I'll be collecting them over here. I may add another heading for Alice's 'Prompts of the Fortnight' posts ... or post the drabbles five at a time in a separate post (i.e. each post would have drabbles for five prompts) ... or some combination of the two ... or possibly neither. I've still got time, after all.

{clicky for more information if interested!}

</ OOC Post> ^_^ }}
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{ ~ On Hiatus ~ }

sleepy Alice

Alice & I will be on hiatus for about a week or so. I am graduating this Friday & will be spending the week packing up my dorm room with my mum, spending a few more times with friends before I leave, at commencement, travelling, & unpacking. I travel on Saturday & will most likely spend the next few days unpacking/recharging/thinking "I'm done! O_O" & the like.

I should be back by mid-next week. If Alice is currently threading with one of your characters, I will reply back when able (unless you wish to consider the thread/conversation finished).

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{{ & I'm overly fond of the MBTI, as discussed before.

MBTI & Alignment )

And clearly I need to buy more iconspace so I more choices than having to use chibi!Alice for most meta/OOC posts. Even though she is Epic Adorable. }}
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{{OOC post tiem!

Things which must be done for Alice's journal:
Change profile layout (did this last night!)
Write background/history/personality sections for profile/infopost
Research on Victorian psychiatry: The Female Malady (Elaine Showalter) + The Victorian Woman (Duncan Crow) for more general stuffs.
Determine layout of Wonderland (including the Looking-Glass country)
Write post for [ profile] musemostwanted (because Alice needs canonmates, yes). {Perhaps think about starting a musebox if I actually *find* canonmates?}
Add placeholder posts for Alice's last few trips to the Loft.
Post recipe for Alice-approved Iced Tea
LOG SUMMARIES! (i.e. replace said placeholder posts)
And probably other things besides.

First of all, Alice's results for The Chess Mess Test on HelloQuizzy:

It's a Wonderlandy MBTI! )
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