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{{This is the "editable" version of Alice's CharLoft character sheet! I will be keeping track of XP, &c. she gains on her adventures in World's End in the comments section & then adding them to the sheet proper. Also can be found here on the CharLoft GuestBook. Original character sheet can be found here. ^_^}}

Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 19
Character Type: Teenage Mortal

Life Points: 26 (+6 from HtK = 32)
Drama Points: 21 20 (successfully set an angry Panda ablaze with a Flaming beribboned Hoop of Doooom)
Experience Points: 6 1

       Banked Experience:
*Occultism: 2 (2 more to level up)
*Getting Medieval: 1 (3 more to level up)

{Current Year: 1871}

Alice's Adventures in World's End! )
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After an impromptu trip to the World's End Public Library wherein she ran into Fritz and Imogene (& assisted in a bit of research), Alice has decided to join the ghost hunting adventure described here.

Last night, she went to the CharLoft to procure some of the puzzling "business casual clothing" required for the endeavor (i.e. the skirt—the blouse is from her own wardrobe). This is something similar to what she shall be wearing:

Who you gonna call? )

The 'venture starts tonight, so I'm going to sign onto the Charloft IRC chat as soon as I finish typing this & get myself settled in for some RP! ^_^
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In one of her first visits to the CharLoft (& around the same time she found out there were books about her), Alice found out that vampires exist (or at least they do in some 'verses). Since she keeps meeting more vampires, she thought it might be a good idea to make a sort of vampire-protection kit in the form of a innocuous-looking charm-bracelet:
I do not know whether vampires exist in my world—there are certainly stories, of course ...

Alice will be adding more charms as she acquires them.

For both protective & fashionable purposes )
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{{This is my first time doing a character sheet like this, so any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated! Also can be found here on the CharLoft GuestBook. ^_^}}

Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 17
Character Type: Teenage Mortal

Life Points: 26 (+6 from HtK = 32)
Drama Points: 20
Experience Points: 0

{Current Year: 1870}

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