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Much more activity this fortnight! Oddly enough, however, I have nothing in the way of [ profile] dear_mun or [ profile] sixwordstories ... but an added huzzah for reaching the halfway point in the 100 Drabbles Challenge at [ profile] charloft. Finally. ^_^ Also, festive prompts/threads have begun!

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Munday} ~ It's all about you! (30 November)
{Friday} ~ What's in a word? (1 December)
{Friday} ~ You are what you eat (3 December)
{Munday} ~ Wish List (8 December)
{Twosday} ~ The Blame Game (11 December)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Prompt #52 ~ Picture of a full barbeque grill (1 December, 50 of 100)

        At [ profile] charloft_rpg:

Loft Christmas Market! (10 December) In which Alice visits a shoemaker's stall and happens upon a bakery booth (threads in progress).


At [ profile] thehouseofmouse: He's Learned a New Song, Gawd Help Us All (8 December) In which Alice attempts to remain calm in the face of a terribly annoying song (that doesn't end). (Thread with [ profile] inthistyle in progress.)
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[ profile] charloft 100 Drabbles of Summer, Part V (drabbles 41-50)

Rating: PG?
{{A/N: Halfway through! And lo, I failed horribly at completing the 100 Drabbles of Summer in the challenge's allotted time. Drabble 42 is the last drabble that officially counted; I think it rather fitting that this is the Alice returning piece. This set of drabbles also was written over a long range of time: 41 on 14 September to 50 on 1 December. Also, I didn't realise this until I actually consolidated these just now, but the majority of this batch [six!] are picture prompts. Curious. Vagueish timeline needs to be updated. Drabble table can be found here. Feedback is lovely!}}

Glee, pensiveness, & a few diversions )

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I hadn't realised that this fortnight was quite this quiet for Alice. Some of it was because I was busy helping my parents get the house ready for Thanksgiving, &c. ... but I suppose I might have a bit of writer's block as well.

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Sunday RP} ~ Little Alice (14 November; thread with [ profile] ifwebefriends in progress)

        At [ profile] charloft_rpg:

Halloween at the Loft (31 October) In which Alice dons mythological dress and meets Clay


At [ profile] thehouseofmouse: Wonderland Condiment Disaster (26 November) In which Alice nibbles biscuits she shouldn't have & finds herself ten inches high. Again. (Thread with [ profile] inthistyle in progress.)

Two more things to add (before I nap). Thing the first: I've finally reached 50 drabbles!! (At this rate, I'll be quite pleased if I finish all 100 Drabbles of Summer by year's end, which is my new goal.) I had decided that when I had 50 drabbles written I would start posting them to in batches of ten (rather like how I've been posting them here on Alice's journal.) The problem is this: I have no idea what the overall title should be. I'll have to think on it before I post (also, I've never posted anything on before. It will be a new experience).

Thing the second. I hope I'm not starting to sound like a broken record (because I feel I am & would really hate to be annoying everyone), but do any of you know somewhere else I can advertise my Wonderland game or know of anyone who might be interested in playing? I've already posted on [ profile] musemostwanted & have made a few [ profile] sixwordstories posts linking to said post without much response (And this makes me a bit discouraged as I've had the comm up for around a month-and-a-half).

But now I must nap. Especially as I have choir practice later & am sleepy.
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Yes, this Post of the Fortnight is quite late—one could even say that I skipped the last (scheduled) one as this is a full month after the last Fortnight post. However, I haven't been very active lately ... so if I had made two Fortnight posts, they would have both been quite wee (and this one won't be very long as it is). Also, I have a new OOC icon ::points:: I felt I needed an OOC icon of the lulzy sort. ^_^

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Munday} ~ Supporting Cast (15 October; prompt from 20 September)
{Munday} ~ It all depends on your point of view (12 November)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Four Drabbles: Prompt #88 ~ Author's Choice: Optimism, Prompt #75 ~ Picture of a child swimming with goggles, Prompt #59 ~ Picture of man fishing, Prompt #54 ~ Picture of a broken clock (12 November, 46-49 of 100)

        At [ profile] charloft_rpg:

Bonfire! (20 October) In which Alice meets the Queen of the Outer Zone and discovers the wonders of s'mores with Sabe.

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

Do you have any idea--any at all--about what you're doing? (17 October, reply to [ profile] usedreturn) {Alice needs to meet more Doctors, yes.}
Stop trolling you? (5 November, reply to [ profile] nocathere)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

But it was all real, honestly. (24 October, reply to [ profile] mustbehalfmad)
[There's a hare Patronus bounding about] (13 November, reply to [ profile] watchfornargles)

{humming} Won't you join the dance? (6 November, Alice's post! Link to enabling post on [ profile] musemostwanted for [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast. Game still hasn't started yet, sob.)
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{{It's OOC Tiem again!

I've decided that since it's November & I never have done NaNoWriMo (and do not see myself doing so in the future), I will attempt to finish my 100 Drabbles of Summer for [ profile] charloft. My reasoning is thus: if other writers can produce 50,000-word novels (yes, I had to look up the wordcount on, then I ought to be able to write slightly more than 5,000 words (I have 45 drabbles posted & four which need a bit of editing before they'll be the proper 100-word length).

Once I have 50 drabbles written (and posted here & as comments to my "regular" Charloft prompt responses), I'm toying with the idea of posting them in batches of ten (similar to how I post them here) on—it has some excellent Alice fic & I would quite like to get more feedback, &c.

In musebox news, [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast is open for business .... sort of. I only had one interested party answer my [ profile] musemostwanted advert (a WCMI Hatter, hurrah!), so the comm is still in "looking-for-castmates" status (I posted another enabling link post on [ profile] sixwordstories yesterday. No replies yet, however). ::crosses fingers::

And I really ought to get back into writing things for Charloft responses. I've had a post for the Favourite Words Friday List written up for ages (I was working on it for a few days, put it aside, & then finished it ... a week or so ago)—and as mentioned before, I have a few drabbles that will be posted as replies to said Friday List post (once each is actually 100 words). I think this shall be my thing to work on this week (& more knitting, yes). }}
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{This one isn't so much a true Prompts of the Fortnight post as it is a "Prompts/threads since the last Prompts of the Fortnight post" (which was three weeks ago). I really ought to be waiting until it is properly the weekend, but I'm leaving for a weekend camping trip with my parents on Friday. Also, it's going to be a very wee post indeed (especially for a three-week Prompt Post) as I'd been spending quite a bit of time editing text, playing with layouts, &c. to get my museboxy game up. (Said game is now open at [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast, but we only have two players so far so it's not actually running yet.) And I should probably stop typing before my A/N-ish bit becomes longer than the actual post, hee. Also, I feel I need more OOC icons. I might have to work on that.}

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Munday} ~ Anniversary Survey (12 October)
{Munday} ~ Pencils down! (14 October; prompt from 13 September)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Three Drabbles: Prompt #55 ~ Picture of a red Chinese lantern, Prompt #7 ~ Sloth, Prompt #71 ~ Picture of an elaborate sandcastle (14 October, 43-45 of 100)

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

I will take the challenge like a true gentleman; with honor! (10 October, reply to [ profile] ears_and_honor)

Muse is pleased mun finally has musebox up (10 October, Alice's post)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

Happy Hatter Day! Tea party? {beams} (6 October, Alice's post!)
I quite miss my dear friends... (8 October, purely a link to the below)

At [ profile] musemostwanted: we're all mad here (8 October, enabling post for [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast)
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{This post will be edited again sometime later this evening—I'm leaving for choir rehearsal in a bit but thought I ought to at least start the Prompts of the Fortnight post ... since I'm late, again. It's not going to be a very long post, however—I've been attempting to work on the musebox &c. (I'm stuck on a name for the comm & a layout for the OOC comm ...)

ETA: Post complete! It is a very wee Prompts of the Fortnight Post, really.}

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Wednesday graphics} ~ Autumn (16 September)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Prompt #86 ~ Author's Choice: Boredom (4 September, 41 of 100)
Prompt #87 ~ Author's Choice: Return (9 September, 42 of 100)
{These are the last two drabbles that officially count for the 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (I think it's rather fitting that my last official drabble is the Alice-returning piece. I'll still be continuing, though! ^_^}

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

It begins (16 September, reply to [ profile] cult_leader_sec) {Alice lectures a Dalek}
May I suggest something? (18 September, reply to [ profile] maylookataking)
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Prompt #87 ~ Return (Drabble 42)

Word Count: 160

{{A/N: [ profile] charloft had a fantastic "Return" prompt several months ago (i.e. in the spring). I've been planning all along to write something based on said prompt to be the first post in my still-not-up-yet musebox. When the Drabble Challenge came along, I figured it could be used for both. I think it works quite well for Drabble #42, hee. Of course, I couldn't keep this one to just 100 words—Alice has been working for this the whole summer! The proper drabble can be found on the official post, but I like this expanded version much better.}}

One last attempt—if this did not work, she would stop trying, she told herself (albeit sadly). Alice perched on her dressing-table (careful not to upset any bottles or sundries) and regarded her looking-glass.

She closed her eyes, wished with all her might, and reached a hand toward the glass ...

Oh, frabjous day! The glass rippled and turned misty, allowing her hand to pass through. Alice's eyes flew open at this and she eagerly stepped forward.

She found herself not in a reversed version of her chambers—as she might have thought—but in a sort of wooded meadow. Tall purple shrubs caught her immediate attention and a pair of brightly-coloured mome raths crossed the path ahead of her.

"I'm back!" Alice beamed, then set off on the path. She had no idea which part of the Realm she was in and knew just the one to ask for directions. Where was that Cat when one actually wanted him?
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[ profile] charloft 100 Drabbles of Summer, Part IV (drabbles 31-40)

Rating: PG?
{{A/N: I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to finish this challenge in its allotted time—I'm not even half-finished yet! I will, however, attempt to write all 100 drabbles. (No guarantees on when they'll be done, though.) Vagueish timeline is up & in progress! Drabble table can be found here. Feedback is lovely!}}

Riddles, gardens, & a wee bit of angst )

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{This is rather a small Prompts of the Fortnight post as Alice!muse has been a bit quiet lately. Also, I'm not going to be able to complete the [ profile] charloft 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge: I'm not even halfway done & the challenge officially ends on the sixth (I *will* attempt to write the 100 drabbles—but I no idea when I'll be finished). On the other hand, I'm nearly ready to put up my Wonderland museboxy/dressing room game—I just need to decide on a comm name ...}

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Wednesday graphics} ~ Favourite colour(s) (26 August)
{Munday} ~ Birthdays (31 August)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Prompt #40 ~ Breakdown (15 August, 37 of 100)
Three Drabbles: Prompt #84 ~ Author's Choice: Authorship, Prompt #85 ~ Author's Choice: Crowding, Prompt #17 ~ Kindness (31 August, 38-40 of 100)

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

My dear girl, you must stop fretting. (15 August, reply to [ profile] miranathewhite)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

The world's ending? Must be Thursday. (17 August, reply to [ profile] must_bethursday)

Meteor shower tonight! Unfortunately, it's cloudy. (12 August, Alice's post!)
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{Fairly drabble-heavy, really}

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Thursday drabbleprompt} ~ Crowding (12 August)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Prompt #83 ~ Author’s Choice: Security (1 August, 26 of 100)
Four drabbles: Prompt #69 ~ Picture of Return to Sender on envelope, Prompt #43 ~ Travel troubles, Prompt #29 ~ The Kindness (or not) of Strangers, Prompt #56 ~ Picture of crossroads in a forest (4 August, 27-30 of 100)
Prompt #66 ~ Picture of a red balloon (5 August, 31 of 100)
Prompt #5 ~ Wrath (6 August, 32 of 100)
Prompt #51 ~ Picture of ants on a picnic blanket (9 August, 33 of 100)
Two drabbles: Prompt #32 ~ Road Trip, Prompt #6 ~ Pride (10 August, 34-35 of 100)
Prompt #41 ~ Run-in with neighbors (12 August, 36)

        * There was a bit of numbering fail with Author's Choice drabbles 79-82 (this is why the numbers on my Prompt Table will not match the linked comments). It has since been fixed on my Prompt Table, prompt post, and timeline entries. Unfortunately, I cannot edit the original drabble comments on the Charloft daily roundup posts.

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

...Never did name you, did I? (11 August, reply to [ profile] bravemallymkun)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

I'm afraid I still don't understand. (1 August, reply to [ profile] thecuriousest)
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Prompt #40 ~ Breakdown (Drabble 37 of 100)

Word Count: 140

{{A/N: Once again, this prompt did not want to be contained to a drabble. I was able to be somewhat brutal and chop it down to 100 words for the official post. I much prefer this edited & expanded version. Also, I do rather feel sorry for Alice—she hasn't been having the best summer. It's about to change, though!}}

It happened quite suddenly.

Alice had been reorganising her room after the evening meal, straightening this, tidying that. Whilst rummaging about in her trunk, she spotted a certain sketchbook that had been hidden away where Mother would (hopefully) never find it.

This little book held depictions (mostly watercolours) of Wonderland and its inhabitants along with information about the Realm Alice would note down as she remembered.

She had been attempting to return nearly the whole summer—but to what end? Alice wondered whether she ought to give up.

(A crying-fit might not be so very inappropriate at such a time. Nevertheless, Alice scolded herself rather fiercely and dried her tears with a nearby handkerchief. After all, nothing was ever accomplished by tears—or so someone had told her once.)

She did have one more idea where to look for answers ...
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As promised earlier, here is a vagueish timeline of Alice's drabbles for the 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge at [ profile] charloft. (I'm considering everything canon for future purposes.)

The full drabble table, which includes links to each ten drabbles in the comments, can be found here (the drabbles are not going to be linked on this post). The timeline is very much "in-progress" & will be edited as more drabbles are posted (most likely after every ten). Also, keep in mind that this is a *vagueish* timeline. Things may move about a bit.

at least I know who I *was* when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then. )
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[ profile] charloft 100 Drabbles of Summer, Part III (drabbles 21-30)

Rating: PG?
{{A/N: Vagueish timeline should be coming sometime later this week! Drabble table can be found here. Feedback is lovely!}}

A holiday at the seaside, a few vices, and musing on the Realm )

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{Yes, I am posting the Prompts of the Fortnight post over the weekend—but I completely forgot to post the 17th July edition. So this post could be considered late from certain points of view. ::facepalm::}

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Wednesday graphics} ~ Through the years (9 July) {I rather enjoyed this prompt!}
{Wednesday graphics} ~ Primary workspace (14 July)
{Friday} ~ Cooking with character (17 July)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Cut because this post contains nearly a month of drabbles & threads ... )
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Prompt #10 ~ Envy (Drabble 25 of 100)

Word Count: 133
{{A/N: I had too many thoughts for this prompt to quite contain it to a drabble. I was able to pare it down to 100 words for the official post. This is the edited and expanded version, which I think I prefer.}}

Although she knows it's wrong, and she rather shouldn't, Alice can't help but envy Lorina (as siblings often do). She's always at ease in situations that flummox Alice—perfect social graces, really. Quite proper, but still very kind; their parents could not have wished for more regarding Lorina (she had even made an excellent match!). And yet, Alice could never resent her.

Surprising as it may seem, Lorina envies her younger sister. Alice never seems very concerned about what other people might think. Likewise, she doesn't bear as much pressure of expectation (from both relations and society). While others might see Alice’s still-active sense of wonder as puerile (or worse), Lorina finds it mostly endearing.

(In her heart of hearts, Lorina sometimes wishes she too had found a whimsical world of her own.)
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[ profile] charloft 100 Drabbles of Summer, Part II (drabbles 11-20)

Rating: PG?
{{A/N: I've decided I will be posting a vagueish timeline at some point as I seem to be jumping about quite a bit timewise for these. Also, this seems to be the Alice!angst segment (though quite unintentionally). Drabble table can be found here. Feedback is lovely!}}

Beginnings & endings, musings on rainbows, Alice!angst, &c )

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(I blame the holiday weekend ... or something. Also, I hadn't quite realised this fortnight was so busy!)

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Friday} ~ A summer's list (21 June)
{Thursday drabbleprompt} ~ Fantastic (24 June)
{Munday} ~ Drabble survey (28 June)
{Wednesday graphics} ~ Inner animal (1 July)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Two drabbles: Prompt #79 ~ Author’s Choice: Run, Prompt #26 ~ Heat (24 June, 11-12 of 100)
Two drabbles: Prompt #79 ~ Author’s Choice: Fantasy, Prompt # 21 ~ The first thing you broke (29 June, 13-14 of 100)

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

Oh god the pain of loss. (27 June, reply to [ profile] always_tea_time)
homeless. forever most likely. (29 June, reply to [ profile] singsatune)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

When will second breakfast be ready? (22 June, reply to [ profile] fool_ofatook)
Hello. What does your name mean? (22 June, reply to [ profile] heardmermaids)
Cup of tea! It solves everything. (22 June, reply to [ profile] anoldsoldier)
I lost a good man today. (28 June, reply to [ profile] cottonmaster)
[watching you and your tea, curiously] (30 June, reply to [ profile] thecuriousest)
Your simple pleasure. What is it? (30 June, reply to [ profile] le_petit_amelie)
Proper ladies never ever start fights. (2 July, reply to [ profile] justasister)

If gold's taken, do rainbows disappear? (29 June, Alice's post!)
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        At [ profile] charloft:

{Thursday drabbleprompt} ~ Here to there (17 June)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Three drabbles: Prompt #77 ~ Author’s choice: Truth, Prompt #78 ~ Author’s choice: Consequences, Prompt #45 ~ The last time you were late (10 June, 6-8 of 100)
Prompt #34 ~ Tune (12 June, 9 of 100)
Prompt #67 ~ Picture of a palm tree (13 June, 10 of 100)

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

I sincerely hope you are not considering putting me in some ghastly place. (10 June, reply to [ profile] against_my_vows)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

Dancing slow and singing to Closer. (10 June: reply to [ profile] andmyshadow, but thread with [ profile] ten_dash_six)
Have always loved the color yellow. (11 June, reply to [ profile] madbutnotstupid)
I'm bored. Help me out? *grin* (12 June, reply to [ profile] fritz4now)
*Following you around, trying to sneak* (15 June, reply to [ profile] firstnightfury)
Truly, who doesn't love trap doors? (18 June, reply to [ profile] hops_jolly_high)
Would anyone like to hear stories? (19 June, reply to [ profile] awendy)
It doesn't look anything like me. (19 June, reply to [ profile] whystheraven)

Lovely day for a picnic, methinks. (19 June, Alice's post!)
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[ profile] charloft 100 Drabbles of Summer, Part I (drabbles 1-10)

Rating: PG?
{{A/N: Quite timey-wimey, i.e. these don't really have an exact order unless specified. Also, more adventures of wee!Alice will be coming at some point. Drabble table can be found here. Feedback is lovely!}}

Frogs, iced tea, slightly illegal croquet, &c )

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