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{{This is the "editable" version of Alice's CharLoft character sheet! I will be keeping track of XP, &c. she gains on her adventures in World's End in the comments section & then adding them to the sheet proper. Also can be found here on the CharLoft GuestBook. Original character sheet can be found here. ^_^}}

Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 19
Character Type: Teenage Mortal

Life Points: 26 (+6 from HtK = 32)
Drama Points: 21 20 (successfully set an angry Panda ablaze with a Flaming beribboned Hoop of Doooom)
Experience Points: 6 1

       Banked Experience:
*Occultism: 2 (2 more to level up)
*Getting Medieval: 1 (3 more to level up)

{Current Year: 1871}

Alice's Adventures in World's End! )
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{{Because I don't think I've ever done one of these. And it's [ profile] charloft_rpg! <3 }}

Come see which egg I ate at the EASTER EGG MEME! Find my thread here, or get your own egg.

Also, I really need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month-or-So very soon.

Happy Easter! ^_^

{{Hmm. It seems the colour formatting isn't working on this. I'll try to fix it later.}}
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Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! ^_^

I meant to do a spot of RP threading tonight (especially since I have a few scenes going), but I'm getting together with my best friend tomorrow evening & I want to knit at least a portion of her she-already-knows-it's-going-to-be-late Christmas present. As such, I think I'm just going to type up this Festive Fortnight Post & then dash off to knit (also tidying).

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Wednesday graphics} ~ Decorative (16 December) {This was great fun!}

{Sunday RP} ~ What's THAT Doing There? (27 December, reply to [ profile] 8butterflyboy8) {thread in progress}

        At [ profile] charloft_rpg:

Loft Christmas Party / Secret Santa exchange (24 December) In which Alice participates in the Gift Exchange (receiving a Frabjous gift bag) and makes ornaments—and perhaps new friends (threads in progress)!


At [ profile] thehouseofmouse: Snowed in The House of Mouse! (29 December) In which Alice attends another Christmas Party. (Event in progress) **

Hmm, I thought I had more than that. Perhaps it's because I have more threading activity this fortnight that prompty things?

I also have an Alice's-gifts-for-her-friends prose piece that needs to be written .... (Also, I will be posting an advert for [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast on [ profile] character_rpg & possibly [ profile] role_play_ads sometime this week.)

** Yes, this should technically be in the next Fortnight post—but it's a Christmas Party post! As such, I'm adding it to this Festive Fortnight post. (And I've probably overused "festive" a bit, hee.)
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Much more activity this fortnight! Oddly enough, however, I have nothing in the way of [ profile] dear_mun or [ profile] sixwordstories ... but an added huzzah for reaching the halfway point in the 100 Drabbles Challenge at [ profile] charloft. Finally. ^_^ Also, festive prompts/threads have begun!

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Munday} ~ It's all about you! (30 November)
{Friday} ~ What's in a word? (1 December)
{Friday} ~ You are what you eat (3 December)
{Munday} ~ Wish List (8 December)
{Twosday} ~ The Blame Game (11 December)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Prompt #52 ~ Picture of a full barbeque grill (1 December, 50 of 100)

        At [ profile] charloft_rpg:

Loft Christmas Market! (10 December) In which Alice visits a shoemaker's stall and happens upon a bakery booth (threads in progress).


At [ profile] thehouseofmouse: He's Learned a New Song, Gawd Help Us All (8 December) In which Alice attempts to remain calm in the face of a terribly annoying song (that doesn't end). (Thread with [ profile] inthistyle in progress.)
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I hadn't realised that this fortnight was quite this quiet for Alice. Some of it was because I was busy helping my parents get the house ready for Thanksgiving, &c. ... but I suppose I might have a bit of writer's block as well.

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Sunday RP} ~ Little Alice (14 November; thread with [ profile] ifwebefriends in progress)

        At [ profile] charloft_rpg:

Halloween at the Loft (31 October) In which Alice dons mythological dress and meets Clay


At [ profile] thehouseofmouse: Wonderland Condiment Disaster (26 November) In which Alice nibbles biscuits she shouldn't have & finds herself ten inches high. Again. (Thread with [ profile] inthistyle in progress.)

Two more things to add (before I nap). Thing the first: I've finally reached 50 drabbles!! (At this rate, I'll be quite pleased if I finish all 100 Drabbles of Summer by year's end, which is my new goal.) I had decided that when I had 50 drabbles written I would start posting them to in batches of ten (rather like how I've been posting them here on Alice's journal.) The problem is this: I have no idea what the overall title should be. I'll have to think on it before I post (also, I've never posted anything on before. It will be a new experience).

Thing the second. I hope I'm not starting to sound like a broken record (because I feel I am & would really hate to be annoying everyone), but do any of you know somewhere else I can advertise my Wonderland game or know of anyone who might be interested in playing? I've already posted on [ profile] musemostwanted & have made a few [ profile] sixwordstories posts linking to said post without much response (And this makes me a bit discouraged as I've had the comm up for around a month-and-a-half).

But now I must nap. Especially as I have choir practice later & am sleepy.
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Yes, this Post of the Fortnight is quite late—one could even say that I skipped the last (scheduled) one as this is a full month after the last Fortnight post. However, I haven't been very active lately ... so if I had made two Fortnight posts, they would have both been quite wee (and this one won't be very long as it is). Also, I have a new OOC icon ::points:: I felt I needed an OOC icon of the lulzy sort. ^_^

        At [ profile] charloft:

{Munday} ~ Supporting Cast (15 October; prompt from 20 September)
{Munday} ~ It all depends on your point of view (12 November)

        100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge (at [ profile] charloft; Prompt Table):

Four Drabbles: Prompt #88 ~ Author's Choice: Optimism, Prompt #75 ~ Picture of a child swimming with goggles, Prompt #59 ~ Picture of man fishing, Prompt #54 ~ Picture of a broken clock (12 November, 46-49 of 100)

        At [ profile] charloft_rpg:

Bonfire! (20 October) In which Alice meets the Queen of the Outer Zone and discovers the wonders of s'mores with Sabe.

        At [ profile] dear_mun:

Do you have any idea--any at all--about what you're doing? (17 October, reply to [ profile] usedreturn) {Alice needs to meet more Doctors, yes.}
Stop trolling you? (5 November, reply to [ profile] nocathere)

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

But it was all real, honestly. (24 October, reply to [ profile] mustbehalfmad)
[There's a hare Patronus bounding about] (13 November, reply to [ profile] watchfornargles)

{humming} Won't you join the dance? (6 November, Alice's post! Link to enabling post on [ profile] musemostwanted for [ profile] 6thngsbreakfast. Game still hasn't started yet, sob.)
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In one of her first visits to the CharLoft (& around the same time she found out there were books about her), Alice found out that vampires exist (or at least they do in some 'verses). Since she keeps meeting more vampires, she thought it might be a good idea to make a sort of vampire-protection kit in the form of a innocuous-looking charm-bracelet:
I do not know whether vampires exist in my world—there are certainly stories, of course ...

Alice will be adding more charms as she acquires them.

For both protective & fashionable purposes )
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{{This is my first time doing a character sheet like this, so any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated! Also can be found here on the CharLoft GuestBook. ^_^}}

Name: Alice Liddell
Age: 17
Character Type: Teenage Mortal

Life Points: 26 (+6 from HtK = 32)
Drama Points: 20
Experience Points: 0

{Current Year: 1870}

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