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It's 10/6, which means it's Hatter Day! Callooh, callay! ^_^

Why the sixth of October instead of the tenth of June? Ten shillings and sixpence … shillings are larger than pence; shillings are made of pence: months are larger than days; months are made of days!

Therefore, 10 shillings and sixpence = 10 months and six days. </ rambly pseudologic>

Let the Mad Tea Parties commence! ^_^

        At [ profile] sixwordstories:

Happy Hatter Day! Tea party, anyone?

{Above post open to all! ^_^}
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First of all, I've been entirely failing at posting the Prompts of the Fortnight for the past, oh, several months. I shall attempt to post a giant one this weekend (or possibly next, as I have a dance recital this week).

I shall once again be attempting [ profile] charloft's 100 Drabbles of Summer challenge. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the challenge instead of only making it halfway—in December—like last year.

First of all, a bit of silliness. Last night, I was on Sophia Myles's IMDb page, looking up the run time for The Abduction Club (from where most of Alice's icons came) and noticed a Related List on the sidebar entitled "Celeb Look-a-likes."

I scrolled down, reading the list, and cheered when I came to the nineties. Why?

Two Liddell ladies )

That is all. (For now, at least.) ^_^
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{{Because I don't think I've ever done one of these. And it's [ profile] charloft_rpg! <3 }}

Come see which egg I ate at the EASTER EGG MEME! Find my thread here, or get your own egg.

Also, I really need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month-or-So very soon.

Happy Easter! ^_^

{{Hmm. It seems the colour formatting isn't working on this. I'll try to fix it later.}}
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{{And only slightly, vaguely, meta.

I rather need to post a Prompts of the Fortnight Month ... but I'd rather post some silliness. ^_^

I'm quite fond of DollDivine—such pretty graphics!—and have played around with a few of their dollmakers to create Alices of different sorts. The Princess Maker one in particular gave me three Alice outfits (which is a rarity). I hadn't thought about putting them here ... but then Maggie posted Delilah's. (Image heavy, as there are four. I may try to resize them later.)

A curiosity of Alices )
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{{OOC post: A few days ago, I was linked to an NPR article on the new book Alice I Have Been (a fictional historical novel about the real Alice Liddell). Said article includes an excerpt from (or perhaps the entire) first chapter, in which an adult Alice is reminiscing about running about the grounds of Oxford as a child.

This of course presented me with the following thought: "Oooh, an AU fic with a young Alice & Lyra Belacqua running about & causing a general ruckus in Oxford (yes, I know they lived at different colleges—this would be handwaved in the AU, of course) would be fun!" (My second thought was "And Alice's dæmon would of course have to be a cat.)

And so I had to do this:
The Golden Compass Daemon Test (from HelloQuizzy) )

^_^ }}

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